Hunters Glen IV subdivision is subject to rules and regulations that are outlined in the Association Declaration and By-laws. It is in the best interest of every homeowner to become familiar with these documents as they outline some of the key rights afforded each homeowner as well as obligations each homeowner assumes by purchasing/renting a home in this subdivision.


Any exterior improvements, modifications, or repairs (including roof repairs, painting, siding, fence replacement, etc.) to your home or structures to be placed on the property (storage sheds, etc.) require the prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee and Association Board. Prior approval will ensure you will not have to make any corrections due to being non-compliant with the architectural standards of the neighborhood as dictated by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.


The HGIV clubhouse is available to our homeowners for rental. Homeowners who are current with their maintenance fees may reserve the clubhouse, through MMGI (713-977-6644) for their use with certain conditions applying. Non-HGIV residents may also rent the clubhouse - upon approval. 


The HGIV pool can be enjoyed by all homeowners who are current with their maintenance fees. 


The following documents are available for download: